Me-Time Christmas Chill-Out


This is a recipe for A Mindful Christmas Chill-Out away from all the wrapping and relatives. Remember you have full permission to take care of yourself, even amongst all the busyness of the season. This is a full pause away from everything without any technology or distraction. Let it be one human being, one drink and some time and space alone to simply breathe and be.


  • Do whatever is needed in order to feel comfortable disconnecting from technology for the length of your break. Set a timer if it will allow you to be more relaxed.


  • Prepare your favourite drink and take it to a restful spot. It could be the sofa, a favourite chair, or even upstairs in your bedroom (hiding from the in-laws!). Get really comfortable; this is not a meditation posture so curl up, pull a blanket over if you like, and relax.


  • Hold the mug close and breathe. Deeply inhale.


  • Let go completely and exhale. Sink into your seat. Sink into the peacefulness of this moment. Sink into the now.


  • Allow yourself to land fully in the freedom of these moments dedicated to noticing what is arising within.


  • Take a sip. Breathe.


  • How do you feel?


  • Take another sip. Breathe.


  • What do you notice in your body?


  • Another sip. Breathe.


  • What thoughts are bubbling up in your mind?


  • Let all of it be just as it is, and breathe. Deep, open, calming breaths.


  • Contemplate. Be.





STOP is a pocket-practice taught on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses to help you quickly regain clarity and calm before deciding how to act. So, just in case it all gets a bit much, here’s a mini-meditation to see you rock the Christmas emotional obstacle course!


  • Stop and pause. Feel your feet on the floor.
  • Take a deep breath and bring both palms together holding your hands in a gentle clasp. Feel the warmth and energy of your body.
  • Open – widen the focus of your awareness by observing non-judgmentally what is happening internally and externally. Inhale… Exhale … Is there a new opportunity presenting itself?
  • Proceed, or pause again until you are feeling calm and clear.


By Neil Seligman, Mindfulness Expert, Speaker and Author of 100 Mindfulness Meditations



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