Over the coming weeks The Energy Healing Magazine will be  producing the ultimate book Your Fitness, Diet & Well-Being At 40 Plus. This book will be written by professional contributors from around the globe and will provide valuable advice and insight into how this amazing generation is a generation of fighters, winners and achievers or professionals that:

1. Run a business with a great fitness guide, yoga classes etc or that have some mindful meditation practices to strengthen our minds and bodies.

2.   Can provide nutritional guidance to get the best out of our bodies as we work through the aging process.

2. Professionals that help others cope or navigate their way through the menopause, the so-called mid-life crisis (for both men & women) and managing those unexpected changes from your original life plan.

3. First hand personal accounts of how you being in your forties (or over) have started a new relationships i.e. did you try on-line dating?

4. How did you achieve or start working towards your personal goals.

5. On a professional level start running a new business or forging a new careers after the kids left home.

If you can write an insightful and thought provoking chapter we’d love to hear from you. How to get started simple complete the form below and we’ll send you some more details i.e. chapter word count…



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