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‘Up Cycle’ – Cotton Tote Bag

There’s no need for plastic bags in our world.

Treat yourself to one of our stylish Up-Cycle cotton tote bags that your’ll be able to use time and time again. Great for shopping or for the beach.

These bags also make a fabulous thank you or birthday gift idea.

Together we will make a difference…

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Azul And His Friends Beneath The Waves – Children’s Colouring Book

I’d like to share with you Azul And His Friends Beneath The Waves -Colouring Book (children’s). This book has been produced for children of 5 years and above to expand their knowledge of different creatures that live beneath the waves, in a fun way. In particular the Hawksbill turtle.

Sadly the Hawksbill turtle like many other turtles have been on the endangered list since 1970. As we’ve built hotels on turtles nesting beaches, polluted the seas and used turtle shells for jewellery and other products. We can all do our bit to save these and other sea creatures so that they stay around for many years to come. Raising awareness is just one of them.

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Corals, Fishes And A Hawksbill Turtle Painting By Jacqueline Rose Art

This piece “Corals, Fishes & A Hawksbill Turtle” is part of my seascape collection with a twist of emotion – this one being: An oasis of “serenity” amidst the reality of endangerment. These beautiful creatures have been around since the dinosaur’s but now found themselves on an ever growing list a dwindling numbers.

Inspired to help raise awareness of their plight. I feel we can all do a little to make a big difference so they don’t just disappear. Don’t you think?

If you’re looking for something a little bit special then this would make a beautiful gift idea…

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Moonlit Shadows – Original Painting By Jacqueline Rose

If you love the sea, boats and moonlight then this could be just the piece of artwork your looking for. There is something magical about a full moon as it represents completion, the height of power, the realisation of your desires and the peak of clarity. It’s a time to celebrate your growth, take note of what progress you have made and to reflect on how far you’ve come.

Collectors item – Jacqueline Rose Art

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Promise Of A Sunrise Original Artwork By Jacqueline Rose

This original acrylic painting “Promise Of A Sunrise” by Jacqueline Rose and  has been created in January 2022 as part our her “Seascape” Collection. Jacqueline has created this piece mainly with a palette knife to give a textured finish that makes the colours speak to you when captured in different lights. If you love the sea and it’s forever changing sunrises then this could be just the piece of artwork your looking for.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different as a gift idea then this painting would look stunning on many walls in your home.

This piece will also have a letter of authentication from Jacqueline Rose.

Collectors Piece.

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Slate Coasters – Vintage Girls

Something a little different that has been uniquely made just for you. These beautiful slate coasters have been handcrafted with decoupaged with a monochrome theme of Vintage Girls.

A perfect little boxed gift for a birthday, anniversary or thank you for someone special or a treat for yourself just because….

Eco friendly gifts that are kind to our planet to….

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Successful Women In Business Phoenix Edition


Exciting to share with you our latest book recommendation for March 2022 Successful Women In Business Phoenix Edition. Women entrepreneurs are rarely satisfied with the status quo: Instead they strive to build the world in the way it should be rather than abiding by a system that’s potentially archaic or outdated. During the course of researching this book we have come to realise that breaking down barriers for women in the workplace is key to success for companies and for countries.

That’s the message we hope you will pick up from this book. When more and more women are seen at the top of organisations and running high growth technology businesses, the more this will be regarded as the standard and a perfectly normal, and logical, path to choose.

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The Healing Power of Nature – Your Environment and Foods

“The Healing Power of Nature – Your Environment and Foods” has been written by a group of amazing professionals within the Health and WellBeing industry from all around the globe, to share their thought provoking insights and knowledge on how Nature plays such an important part in our everyday lives.

If your a Nature lover then pick up your copy today it could change your life…

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The World Of Energy Healing – Paperback Book

We’re really excited to see “The World of Energy Healing” of 2022 added to our book collection here at Equilibrando – Your WellBeing Balanced Magazine.  As we are always looking to share some amazing reads for you to expand your knowledge of wellbeing and health. This book has been written by some amazing professional contributors from around the globe to explore and maybe introduce some new mediums of energy healing to you.

A perfect gift idea for anyone looking to delve into The World of Energy Healing to create the lifestyle they want to live.

We’ve set an introductory price for you this book is also available from Amazon.

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Tibetan Brass Bracelet – Handcrafted In Tribal Fine Leaf

Looking for a gift idea that’s a little bit special then this handcrafted bracelet from Nepal could be just what you’re looking for.  This solid brass bracelet amplifies energy, it is an excellent conductor and helps stimulate the flow of energy.

According to ancient traditions it keeps the body in a stable state which can lead to better results in meditation and yoga practice.

Creative gift ideas to make family and friends smile….

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Twin Cat Rope Handled Bag

These bags have a lovely fun cat design and are ideal for a shopping trip or to take to the beach. They have a flexible and comfortable soft rope handles with a zipper across the top of the bag and handy pockets inside perfect for you keys, phone or your purse.

No more plastic.

Together we can make a difference to our beautiful planet…

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Your Mind Body Fitness & WellBeing Balanced

Within these pages of Your Mind Body Fitness & WellBeing Balanced we will be sharing some professional thought provoking tips and advice plus some personal stories from contributors from around the globe.

Our writers come from very different walks of life. And yet the common theme in all their stories is the fact that life has presented them some incredible challenges and insights either through their work or illnesses experienced.

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